Case Study

AME – Powering up against cyber threats with SWiZ Technologies

Migrating its email hosting to a cloud, and redesigning its network and backup infrastructure enabled AME to boost its network security and overcome its cyber challenges. In the process, the company developed a strategic IT partnership with SWiZ Tech that led to cost savings and a collaborative effort to ensure business continuity.

Business Challenge

AME needed to ensure all aspects of its digital functions were secure and protected from the rise of cyber threats like malware, hackers and data thieves. They also required an alternative to costly local email hosting, and a solution for its on-premise server and which was becoming complicated to maintain securely.


AME migrated its email hosting from an on-premise server to a cloud. They redesigned existing network and backup infrastructure to maximize digital security, and formed a strategic IT partnership with SWiZ Tech for advanced IT support.

Increased reliability

Less downtime with more secure email hosting on Microsoft 365 cloud.

Minimized cyber risk

Boosted security against hackers and data thieves, and protection for employees against ransomware and malware.

Cost Savings

Cheaper email hosting and less man hours spent on IT maintenance.

The Challenge Story

Growing concerns from cyberattacks

Leading solutions manufacturer, AME International Pte Ltd had noticed a growing wave of ransomware and cyberattacks. To protect their data and employees from the rise of digital threats, AME decided to bring in IT experts-SWiZ Tech to perform robust digital security enhancements.

Email system revamp needed

AME was self-hosting their email server, which was not only expensive but meant that any downtime on their physical server would bring email communications to a halt. They wanted a more reliable way of managing their email system.

Increasing difficulty of maintaining on-premise server

With clients in high-value industries such as oil & gas, medical, marine and offshore, as well as aerospace technology, AME needed a security-rich solution for their on-premise server to protect the sensitive data, but this was becoming costlier and more complex with their current infrastructure.

Transformation Story

Email hosting on a cloud

To address the unreliability of their email system, a complete migration to Microsoft 365 was performed. This greatly improved the reliability of their email platform as it was now on a cloud, and not dependent on the uptime of their physical server.

To further enhance security, Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) was used to proactively protect users from malicious URLs in a message or documents.

SWiZ Technologies customized the security controls to suit AME’s security needs. Administrators could also use ATP’s rich reporting and URL trace capabilities to gain insight into the kind of attacks happening.

Protection against malware and viruses

To protect their server and endpoints from malware and remove vulnerable entry points, AME went with state-of-art protection Sophos Endpoint Protection Intercept X with endpoint detection and response (EDR).

This IT solution worked to tighten security on laptops and computers, preventing data loss and even reducing attack surface, making the analysis and recovery from a cyberattack faster.

“Protecting users who may not be very IT savvy at their endpoints is crucial,” says SWiZ Tech director Andy Lim.

“Sophos Endpoint Protection Intercept X boosts the level of protection against hackers and data thieves on laptops and computers, making it safer for AME employees to work remotely.”

Enabling business continuity

For quick recovery in the event of disaster, SWiZ Tech sent their StorageCraft Certified Master engineer (1 of only 3 in Singapore), to implement the disaster recovery product StorageCraft – ShadowProtect SPX, and re-design AME’s existing server, network and backup infrastructure.

The engineer proceeded with Microsoft 365 and Sophos Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution integration for a unified system, complete with a disaster recovery plan.

A strategic partnership

AME eventually decided to outsource their IT to SWiZ Tech, enabling them to enjoy industry standard practices consultation with an ISO certified principal consultant, and get the expertise they need to keep their system secure in the long run.

“AME is in safe hands with a strong partner like SWiZ Tech for our IT support,” says Bryan Toy, business development manager of AME.

Results Story

Highly secure

With the upgrade, AME’s overall digital security has been enhanced to ensure protection of company data and files, and a robust defense against threats like ransomware and malware.

Lower costs, better support

By outsourcing their IT function to SWiZ Tech, AME was able to access advanced IT support and save on maintenance costs.

To conclude, SWiZ Tech’s director Andy Lim says, “AME’s careful consultation and implementation of security upgrades has absolutely transformed their IT landscape into a safer and more advanced one. We look forward to our continuing partnership and the value creation that it brings.”