CSA Internet Hygiene Portal

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SWiZ is proud to be recognized in the Cyber Security Agency’s Internet Hygiene Rating (IHR) table, distinguishing our commitment to superior cyber hygiene in website and email management services. We specialize in safeguarding your digital assets against an ever-evolving threat landscape, ensuring robust protection for businesses in Singapore’s burgeoning digital economy.

What is CSA Internet Hygiene Portal?

The Cyber Security Agency’s Internet Hygiene Portal and Internet Hygiene Rating (IHR) table are initiatives to form part of a national effort to promote and enhance cybersecurity practices among businesses 

Our Methodical Approach

Tailored Evaluations

We conduct a thorough analysis of your cybersecurity posture, pinpointing vulnerabilities to fortify your defenses effectively.

Customized Security Solutions

Leveraging our recognition in the IHR table, we craft tailored security strategies to address your business’s unique needs and challenges.

Ongoing Support and Improvement

Count on continuous support and updates on the latest cybersecurity practices. Stay ahead of evolving threats with our commitment to your business’s security.

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Why implement CSA Internet Hygiene Portal?

With spoofing and phishing on the rise, it’s crucial to have reliable defenses. The Internet Hygiene Rating (IHR) table sets the benchmark for secure and dependable Infocomm Technology services.

By selecting SWiZ, which is recognized on the IHR table for our exemplary cyber hygiene practices, you are choosing a safer digital environment for your customers and stakeholders.