IT Infrastructure Transformation

Is it time to refresh your business technology?

It’s that time in your company’s lifecycle, when you’re considering whether reinvesting in your IT would make good business sense.

Speak to an expert about your requirements.

This process can be tedious even for large enterprises with dedicated IT teams, but for small and mid-sized organizations who lack an in-house IT team to help with their IT strategy, it can be absolutely daunting.

Do you upgrade your IT assets, or do you procure entirely new infrastructure? How does it affect your business agility, customer satisfaction, security, innovation, productivity, time to market and budgeting? Which vendors offer the best hardware, software and network resources for your needs?

If that sounds overwhelming, fret not. We are here to guide you through that process and provide consultation and end-to end solutions. The team at SWIZ Technologies have been helping our clients achieve the best returns on their IT investments since 2007. We’re an award-winning company, with robust IT expertise and reputable technology partners. Our service levels are guaranteed in contract, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Why smart businesses invest in their IT infrastructure

Competitive advantage

With rapid technological improvements, businesses still relying on dated systems lose out on the benefits that advanced systems bring. Even small enhancements can be a competitive advantage. For example, something simple like having a faster and more secure website could bring in more leads and sales for businesses that are online.

Business agility

Reaction time is critical in business. In comparison to legacy infrastructure that is harder to scale, access to highly scalable and mobile technology like unified communications and cloud empowers your business to respond quickly and scale to meet changing business needs.


Investing in protection from cybercrime is fundamental to a sustainable and reputable business. Security vulnerabilities that arise from inadequate IT management can erode your profitability and brand name, and severely affect operations. Companies are also required to comply with cybersecurity regulatory requirements or risk hefty fines.