Private Cloud Solutions

Level up your resource agility with SWiZ Technologies hosted private cloud.

Private clouds are the ideal solution for organizations who want the benefits of cloud computing, but have ruled out a public cloud, usually due to security or compliance requirements.

With SWiZ Technologies hosted private cloud services, you enjoy the resource agility that a cloud platform delivers, with the greater degree of control that comes with a private cloud.

Benefits of a private cloud


Enjoy the freedom to configure and manage your private cloud in a way that specifically meets all your computing needs.

Enhanced compliance and data privacy

Data privacy is greatly enhanced as your data is saved and managed on a server no other company has access to. It’s also easier to meet regulatory compliance requirements as the private cloud can be deployed according to access control policies.

High scalability

Scaling can be done rapidly by simply deploying and configuring new cloud servers, or increasing the new bare metal servers to increase the capacity.

Why choose SWiZ Technologies

Predictable pricing model

Instead of charging for internet data upload and download capacity, SWiZ Technologies charges you a fixed rate so you enjoy a stable billing cycle for better budgeting.


Our team of IT professionals can custom build and adjust the cloud infrastructure to meet the special requirements of your business applications. We can also provide secure network connectivity solutions (Internet VPN, MPLS, Private WANs etc.) so that your users are able to use your applications hosted on the private cloud.

Consult an IT expert to start on your private cloud journey today.