Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Take the proactive approach towards protecting your business operations against sudden IT disruptions with a business continuity plan.

Create a strategic roadmap to minimize the impact and downtime of unexpected disruptions, and prepare employees to deal with crisis situations. Our certified IT professionals are experienced in implementing, auditing and maintaining effective business continuity plans, systems and processes for organizations across industries.

Want to be sure your organization can continue its critical operations seamlessly in the event of a major IT disruption?

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What is a business continuity plan and why do businesses need it?

A business continuity plan (BCP) is a document that outlines how a business will continue operating during unplanned disruptions like a cyber-attack, critical system failure and flooding.

BCP plans typically contain a checklist for infrastructure, data backups and backup site locations. They will also contain the steps an organization would take to manage their business processes, assets, human resources and business partners with detailed strategies on how to continue operating during the different types of outages, to meet the pre-defined acceptable RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) parameters.

A good business continuity plan removes the guesswork surrounding the course of action to take during IT disruptions to networks, servers, personal computers and mobile devices for all members of the organization.

The three main aspects to a business continuity plan include:

  1. Identifying threats, risks and priorities.
  2. Planning and catering for continued access to mission critical key applications and processes.
  3. Managing the process of disaster recovery.

Having a business continuity plan enables an organization to achieve improvements in risk management capabilities and minimizes downtime while ensuring compliance to regulatory compliance during a disruption. This business resiliency is important not only for operations, but also for keeping the trust of customers and brand integrity. Simply put, a BCP could be one of the best investments you make to ensure a sustainable business model.

Why choose SWiZ Technologies?


SWiZ Technologies has deep expertise in business continuity and experience working with organizations just like yours to deploy disaster recovery and backup solutions. We are CQI and IRCA certified with BCMS ISO 22301:2019 (International Standard for implementing and maintaining effective business continuity plans, systems and processes). View our list of awards and accreditations.

Managed services

Trying to make sure that backups are updated on time can be time and labor intensive. SWiZ Technologies provides you with a fuss-free approach with our managed backup services. Our support team will help you take the hard work out of backups and regular audits, and get the job done on time, every time.

Holistic DR solutions

Our experts can work with you to develop a business continuity strategy around disaster recovery (DR) systems to ensure you meet your RPO and RTO requirements. We also provide hosting for offsite DR solutions to meet your compliance and auditing obligations. Already have a DR solution that is nearing obsoletion? We can help you with the necessary upgrades and seamlessly implement them too.