On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Achieve a seamless transition from legacy infrastructure to cloud.​​

Navigate your cloud journey with SWiZ Technologies to transform your business with a full suite of cloud solutions that will help you modernize your data, improve data protection and lower the cost of IT operations.

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Why are more small and medium businesses moving to cloud?

With the rise of cloud computing, many organizations are planning to migrate their on-premise data to cloud platforms, or are already using the cloud for data storage and applications. The appeal of cloud for small and mid-sized businesses are largely attributed to the following benefits:


Cloud IT service providers like Microsoft Azure provide more robust security and data integrity due to huge investments they make in technology, and a pool of IT experts and engineers that SMEs can’t match.

Scalability and fast deployment

It’s easy to deploy and scale down or ramp up performance for cloud-based services, rather than buying, building and deploying an internal IT infrastructure, making it a less risky investment for companies on a tight budget.

Cost savings

Cloud solutions enables more automation and does away with physical data storage while minimizing maintenance, to provide you with substantial savings in IT resources and capital costs.

Connectivity and accessibility

Employees can access files and sync documents using any device, from anywhere, making collaborative remote working more secure and convenient.

Reduced risk of data loss

Data backup is offsite, making it more secure in the event of a disaster.

Why choose SWiZ Technologies

We are experts at secure and seamless migrations to cloud. Our team of certified IT professionals will plan ahead to deliver full data compliance during migration, and work with you on dependency mapping to ensure minimal downtime and business continuity during the process. You can also expect excellent project management skills and diligent testing before any cutover is made to guarantee risk mitigation with us.

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