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Are technical issues taking up too much of your time and resources? With SWiZ Technologies managed IT services, you can outsource complex and time-consuming IT functions to a team of experts, while enjoying cost savings.

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Why more businesses are choosing managed IT services

In today’s fast-changing IT environment, it can be challenging for small and mid-sized organizations to keep up with technological advancement to stay competitive. Not only is IT infrastructure expensive, specialized talent and man hours are usually required to maintain a secure IT environment.

Organizations can sometimes end up spending more time troubleshooting IT than on their business. Many are also either unable to cope with online surges during peak periods, or have to maintain excess capacity just to handle the peak period with their in-house systems.

To solve these issues, more small and mid-sized organizations are turning to managed IT services for enterprise-level IT solutions at an affordable and stable monthly subscription fee.

Benefits of IT managed services

Substantial cost savings and agility

Outsourcing your IT functions to a managed services provider means you get to offload your infrastructure burden to a third party for a predictable monthly subscription. It enables your organization to move from capital spending to an operating expenditure, with a pay-as-you-go financing model that allows for more agility to make decisions.

Extension of your IT team

For small businesses with manpower constraints, having a managed services provider (MSP) means getting access to a full IT support team, staff can focus on their core duties and enjoy their off days while still ensuring operational efficiency. Mid-sized organizations that are concerned that switching to an MSP may make their IT team redundant can rest assured that the additional support allows your internal IT team to take on a strategic role. Instead of spending resources on IT maintenance, they can focus on strategic initiatives that support and add more value to your business.

Security compliance

Cybercrime accounted for 43 per cent of all crime in Singapore in 2020, making cybersecurity a top concern for modern businesses. One of the top reasons why organizations use IT managed services is for their ability to ensure top-notch security that is compliant with international business standards, as well as maintain a safe IT environment for remote working.


Scaling in-house IT infrastructure is difficult due to high capital costs and the time-consuming process of waiting for equipment procurement and installation. Managed IT services can be scaled quickly according to your resource needs with a simple adjustment in service agreements. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses with seasonal or high growth.

Why choose SWIZ Technologies as your MSP partner?

Award-winning IT support team

You can enjoy peace of mind when you choose to protect and grow your business the SWiZ Technologies way. We provide reliable, fast and friendly service, and Our team of certified IT professionals are always up to date with the most current technology to serve you better. View our list of awards and accreditations here.

End-to-end Solutions Partner

Save the hassle of managing multiple IT vendors by partnering up with a single organization to eliminate double handling. We offer a complete suite of managed services for your one-stop convenience, which includes hybrid infrastructure & networking, end-user support, telephony, IT security, hardware and software procurement, IT equipment rental, and hosting services.

Affordable and transparent fees

You only pay for what you need with no hidden charges or surprises. Your fees and service levels are guaranteed by contract, and our flexibility allows you to customize your support package for your specific needs.

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