Basic System, Network & Security

Maximize your operational efficiencies with a robust and secure network.

At SWiZ Technologies, we know that a reliable network infrastructure is critical for all aspects of daily operations. To help you succeed, we can design, build, install, troubleshoot and maintain your IT network for optimal performance, security and scalability.

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Why is a secure network important?

Functionally, if your network crashes, your entire business is offline. This can mean a significant loss in sales revenue and decreased customer confidence – things that hit small businesses harder. Depending on whether the security of your data has been compromised, an unsecured network can become a business liability.

How SWiZ Technologies can help

Managing a network can be a time-consuming process. With the growing complexity of networks and technology, small organizations may not have the resources or expertise to solve network problems. We can help you turn your network infrastructure into a business asset.

Future-proof your network design

We adopt the most current technology, so you don’t have to worry about obsolescence and excessive costing for technology upgrades.

Reduce Risk

Secure your network from the inside-out. With client-side attacks on the rise, our team of experts can investigate your network security preparedness and identify vulnerabilities that could leave your data assets exposed. Once weaknesses are identified, we act to mitigate your risk exposure.

Increased Scalability

Our network services are scalable so that no matter what size your organisation aims to become, we can quickly evolve our offering to meet your changing needs.

Network Expertise

SWiZ Technologies specializes in network infrastructure solutions. You can rely on us whether you need a sophisticated wide area network (WAN), basic local network (LAN), virtual private network (VPN), wireless network, a hosted networking solution or even a hybrid networking strategy.

One-stop Convenience

We offer a comprehensive range of business IT services that can ensure you get all your networking solutions in one convenient place. From security management, software, hosting and IT support, our integrated IT solutions help you to centralize your support, eliminate double handling and reduce costs.