Desktop & Laptop Procurement

Get professional recommendations on the right hardware products for your business.

SWiZ Technologies is partnered with some of the IT industry’s biggest hardware providers like Dell, Lenovo and HP and to deliver the most powerful, competitively priced and reliable technology to your organization. Skip the hassle of sourcing for the ideal IT equipment when you shop with us.

Get in touch with our procurement
specialist for a pre-sales consultation.

Why buy laptops and desktops from SWiZ Technologies?

Comprehensive range of business laptops

Not all laptops are suitable for business use. Get access to a full spectrum of business-focused laptops meant for long-term, extensive usage. We have a procurement team that specializes in business laptops and desktops and can recommend suitable options based on:

  • Lifespan and durability
  • Ergonomic all-day usage features
  • Fully customizable configuration options
  • Budget and cost comparison
  • Business-focused security features
  • Fast & Scalable solutions
Fast & Scalable solutions

We provide quick transaction turnaround, with the crucial ability to scale volume when needed. We make it easy for you to bulk buy for divisions with different requirements.

Competitive pricing

We leverage on our partner status with leading business laptops and desktop providers like Dell, Lenovo and HP to bring you better prices and discounts, along with flexible payment options.