Backup & Disaster Recovery

Safeguard your data and business from unplanned disruptions.

Is your team well-prepared to continue business operations following a cyberattack or infrastructure failure? Data backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions are vital for every business in ensuring data security and business continuity.

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At SWiZ Technologies, we provide support and infrastructure solutions to help you protect your critical data, minimize your business disruptions and recover with little or no downtime.

What is the difference between Backup and Disaster Recovery?

The primary purpose of a backup is to protect your critical data by creating a copy of it that can be recovered in the event of primary data failure, like accidental deletion or database corruption.

Disaster Recovery on the other hand, refers to your organization’s roadmap to reducing damage and reestablishing access to data, IT resources and access to application in the event of widespread system failure.  It encompasses a comprehensive plan of action that typically accounts for emergency and communication procedures, a checklist of critical IT assets and their maximum outage time allowed, as well as recovery tools.

Having backups of your data does not mean your business can still operate in the event of disasters like cyber-attack or a flood. Both DR and backups are essential components of a solid business continuity plan.

Why choose SWiZ Technologies


SWiZ Technologies has deep expertise in business continuity and experience working with organizations just like yours to deploy disaster recovery and backup solutions. We are CQI and IRCA certified with BCMS ISO 22301:2019 (International Standard for implementing and maintaining effective business continuity plans, systems and processes). View our list of awards and accreditations.

Managed services

Trying to make sure that backups are updated on time can be time and labor intensive. SWiZ Technologies provides you with a fuss-free approach with our managed backup services. Let our team take the hard work out of backups, and leave it to us to get the job done on time, every time.

Reputable technology partners

We work with industry-leading vendors as technology partners to bring you only the best and cost-effective solutions for data loss prevention and DR on the market. You can have complete confidence that our recommendations are high-quality and ideal for your unique needs.

Holistic DR solutions

Our experts can work with you to develop a business continuity strategy around DR systems to ensure you meet your RPO and RTO requirements. We also provide hosting for offsite DR solutions to meet your compliance and auditing obligations. Already have a DR solution that is nearing obsoletion? We can help you with the necessary upgrades and seamlessly implement them too.