Cloud Business Telephony System

Telephony systems built for affordable and scalable communications, anywhere.

Give your employees and customers a better user experience with a cloud-hosted private branch exchange (PBX) phone system. This virtual system allows you to quickly add or remove new hosted phones anywhere with an internet connection, making remote working and scalability a breeze.

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With SWiZ Technologies fully managing your cloud telephony system, you can gain access to advanced communication features like voicemail, call recording and forwarding, automatic call distribution without a hefty capital investment or taxing your in-house team.

Top benefits of a managed cloud-based PBX phone system

Hosted off-site

Your telephony system is run and maintained by us, which means you don’t need to invest in hardware or maintenance, saving on capital spending AND operating expenditure.

Fuss-free management

We manage everything from routing, permissions allocation and phone configurations for you. Want more control? We’ll provide an option for a dashboard with all the essential features to help you simplify management.

Geographical flexibility

Going on a business trip or out of office? Seamless call forwarding ensures that your clients and team can reach you anytime, anywhere. Make and receive calls on VoIP phones and mobile phones from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Increase your call capacity quickly during peak periods. You can even add hold music and comfort messages to improve your call quality and customer satisfaction.