Case Study

Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars Asia Pte Ltd (MITA)

Expanding Possibilities with Cloud-Enabled Technology

Migrating all dated and legacy infrastructure to the cloud enabled MITA to increase their business agility and employee productivity, as well as reduce total cost of ownership while boosting the ease of regulatory compliance.

The Situation

Inefficient IT Resource Allocation

Maintenance frequency on aging on-premises servers had increased and refreshing on-premises server software and hardware was an expensive exercise. IT personnel were spending more time troubleshooting and handling server and downtime related issues, instead of focusing on more strategic work.

Compliance Requirements

Additionally, the increasing complexity of meeting security and JSOX IT General Controls (JSOX ITGC) compliance requirements on their legacy system was a high priority for the organization that takes a serious approach towards fulfilling their regulatory responsibilities.

They were looking for a holistic solutions provider who could address these issues and help them to boost overall productivity and collaboration.

The Transformation
and Solutions

SWiZ Technologies was brought in for their wide range of end-to end solutions and deep expertise in information technology management system (ITSM), reducing the need to manage multiple vendors.

Microsoft 365

After consulting with SWiZ Technologies’ team of IT professionals on their legacy to cloud transformation strategy, migration of their on-premises email server to Microsoft 365 was initiated. This allowed the organization to tap on productivity tools like Microsoft Teams for better collaboration between their overseas offices, customers, and vendors.  Additionally, reduced the expertise needed to maintain the application and increase the uptime and stability of the email system, effectively reducing maintenance windows.

Migration of On-premise Server to Private Cloud

While the email system to Microsoft 365, MITA and SWiZ Technologies were concurrently planning and preparing for the migration of existing on-premises servers to a private cloud.

To ensure smooth migration of MITA’s local applications into cloud, SWiZ Technologies consultants prepared for the migration with several months of feasibility technical and cost savings studies. The process included careful and detailed planning for minimal downtime and examining the quickest and most reliable way to perform the migration.

With the completion of detailed plans to fulfill security and compliance regulations during the migration, the next important step was to keep MITA’s systems functional to meet the needs of nearly 300 users scattered across several offices in the Southeast Asia and Middle East region, that were leveraging on existing infrastructure and resources in Singapore. SWiZ Technologies carried out the migration carefully in phases over two weekends, using industry-leading technology from Microsoft, Nutanix, Cisco and Fortinet to keep the infrastructure secure, and increase redundancy and system resiliency.

The Results

With the digital transformation complete, the overall result of the holistic solutions provided by SWiZ Technologies was an immense improvement in MITA’s cybersecurity, ease of regulatory compliance, employee productivity and collaboration.

MITA’s ability to scale operations furthermore improved their time-to market and boosted their agility to respond to ever-changing business needs.

Without the constant need for maintenance and troubleshooting, MITA’s internal IT team was able to focus on strategic IT planning to create more value for the organization, resulting in lower operating costs and total cost of ownership for their IT operations.